Research publications

Research Publications

The members of the Health, Humanity and Culture network have published extensively nationally and internationally. Several of the centre’s researchers have worked on dissertations in connection with their affiliation with the centre. A number of national, Scandinavian and international seminars, workshops and conferences have been held, including a major Scandinavian conference on humanistic health research: Differences and Change (1994). Edited lectures from and other contributions to this conference have been published in the book Forskelle og Forandring (Differences and Change) ed. Uffe Juul Jensen et al., Philosophia , Aarhus 1996. Furthermore, a number of Health, Humanity and Culture’s basic research perspectives have been published in Sundhedsbegreber. Filosofi og praksis. (Concepts of Health. Philosophy and Practice) Philosophia, Aarhus1994 . Health, Humanity and Culture has its own series of publications, which also includes PhD dissertations produced in connection with the network.

The research programme and network on Non-scholastic Learning, affiliated with the Health, Humanity and Culture network and headed by Steen Wackerhausen, have their own journal.

Publication series

Health, Humanity and Culture has its own publication series, available through the publisher, Philosophia, tel. 89 42 22 15,

Critical Social Studies

Health, Humanity and Culture has a group of critical psychologists who edit the journal Outlines which can be traced at