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Health, Humanity and Culture

Centre for Humanistic Health Research


The Health, Humanity and Culture network is managed by the Centre for Humanistic Health Research, Institute of Philosophy and History of Ideas, University of Aarhus. In addition to administering the network, the centre handles a number of teaching and research-related tasks.

The activities at the centre are characterised by dealing with questions concerning illness and health in a very broad sense, based on humanistic (including psychological) and philosophical analytical strategies. Specifically, the work carried out at the centre revolves around theoretical, historical, ethical/value-related and political conditions in relation to illness, health, biotechnology, culture, development of practice, method, and assessment criteria.



Currently, research is in progress in the following areas:

  1. The political and institutional moorings of health services
  2. Forms of knowledge and evidence
  3. Concepts of illness and health – health promotion
  4. Normality and deviance
  5. Biotechnology, ethics
  6. Notions of profession


The centre staff carry out teaching in a variety of contexts:

A. Teaching at the Faculty of Health Science:

  • Medicine: Medical Philosophy and Science Studies
  • Odontology: Science Studies
  • Contribute to the Master’s degree programme for health care professionals

B. Teaching at the Faculty of Humanities:

  • The Master’s degree programme in Humanistic Health Science and Development of Practice is administered and coordinated by the centre, and together with the other members of the network the staff teach this programme.
  • Contribute to the teaching of Philosophy

C. PhD courses:

  • Qualitative method
  • Philosophy and Empirical data

Other activities

Network for Medical Philosophy

The centre staff are also active as lecturers and speakers in a number of contexts