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Karen Munk

Associate professor, Ph.D. & MSC. (psychology) | Dep. of Philosophy, University of Aarhus

Email: filkpm@hum.au.dk

Phone: 8942 2108

Karen Munk is educated as a psychologist from the University of Aarhus. She has been head of Centre for Geropsychology, Institute of Psychology, University of Aarhus, and Psychiatric University Hospital of Aarhus. She is now associate professor and daily leader of the education of Master in Humanities and Health Studies (MHH), Centre for Humanistic Health Research, University of Aarhus.  Her research is focused on development in adulthood and the connection with diverse transitions in social life.  Her Ph.D-thesis is built on this perspective and investigates how elderly people cope with problems.  She has contributed to textbooks and articles about geropsychology and been a chairman of the Danish Gerontological Society. Now she is working on a longitudinal project about transitions of sex criminals to a "carrier" of being stigmatised as "paedophiles", and about the moral panic in society on paedophilia.  Of particular interest in the project is the cultural perspective of the dialectics between constructions of concepts of deviance in the clinic, new treatments and the penal codes of Denmark.