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Exploring the relationship between users, professionals, municipalities, regions and state involves a number of questions regarding user involvement, prioritisation and evidence grounding, which also includes measuring quality of life. These questions and the development of professional health care practice have been the focal points of the collaboration between the Health, Humanity and Culture network, health professionals, decision-makers and others.

Members of Health, Humanity and Culture network have participated and are participating as advisory groups and consultants or in research and development projects concerning health care practice and health authorities.

In Denmark, the Health, Humanity and Culture network collaborates with a number of persons, institutes and organisations including researchers in the fields of medicine and the health professions. Among other projects, the network formally collaborates with the Faculty of Health Science, University of Aarhus, on courses in medical philosophy and science studies.


The Health, Humanity and Culture network, University of Aarhus participates in extensive international research collaborations about health practice and health authorities (with BIOS, London School of Economics and networks connected to “Health, Humanity and Culture”, USC and UCLA, California).

Furthermore, research partnerships have been established with researchers in ethnology, anthropology, information science, psychology and philosophy at a number of universities, centres and research institutes in Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe, Australia and the US. Several leading international researchers are associated with the Health, Humanity and Culture network, University of Aarhus.