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Health, Humanity and Culture

An interdisciplinary research group 

‘Health, Humanity and Culture’ was initially established and funded by The Danish Research Council for the Humanities in 1990-1995. The network currently includes 21 people who work at 4 Danish universities (University of Aarhus, University of Copenhagen, Roskilde University Centre and University of Southern Denmark) or are employed by organisations or committees that are in some way connected to health services or professional health care practice and health education and research. The Health, Humanity and Culture network includes researchers and graduate students from several fields: philosophy, science studies, ethnology, historical sociology, psychology and information science. 

The research group has organized internal residential meetings four times a year since 1990. At least once a year, the northern Danish town of Skagen is the location and source of inspiration for these meetings. 

In 1995, the Centre for Humanistic Health Research was founded at the Department of Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy and History of Ideas, University of Aarhus. This centre has been developed on the basis of the research activities made possible by the grant from The National Research Council of Humanities. At present, 5 philosophers and 1 psychologist work at the centre, which is still a part of the Health, Humanity and Culture network. 

Research, graduate studies, communication and further education of professionals offered through the Health, Humanity and Culture network: 

Theoretical and Humanistic Perspectives on Health Research

Theoretical and philosophical research concerning basic concepts, perspectives and paradigms about illness, health, quality of life, welfare, view of human nature, human activity and consciousness, learning etc. 

Practice Research

Development of cross-scientific, practice-oriented health research from a humanistic perspective. 

Welfare State and Health Care Practice

Research that sheds light on the relationship between professional points of view, civil society’s points of view, and the points of view held by the state and other political authorities on questions of illness, health and welfare. 

Ethics and Political Philosophy

Clarification of basic ethical and political philosophical questions concerning health and welfare.